The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) sends NOICC to the visa holder when there appear to be grounds for cancellation of a visa. However, the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) can cancel your visa (mandatory cancellation) without prior notice in certain limited circumstances. In other cases, DoHA must notify you through NOICC that they are considering the cancellation of your visa. Once you received the NOICC, it is extremely critical for you to respond in writing within a certain time frame as stated in the notice. Your response may be your only chance to convince the case officer NOT to cancel your visa. Hence, it is extremely crucial to respond to the NOICC with a well-panned persuasive explanation as to why your visa should not be cancelled.

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Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) will include:

  • Particulars of grounds for cancellation
  • Invitation to comment on the ground(s) for cancellation identified, and to give reasons why your visa should not be cancelled. 
  • Process for deciding whether to cancel your visa
  • Timeframe to response
  • Consequences of a visa cancellation

  • Notice of Decision NOT to cancel your visa
  • Notice of your visa cancellation 

In case of visa cancellation, it is extremely critical to go through the cancellation notice to know whether or not it is reviewable. If you have a review right, then you have to appeal to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) within the stipulated timeframe.