Under section 57 of the Migration Act, the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) sends Natural justice letter to the visa applicant when they have adverse information about you that may result in a visa refusal or cancellation. Natural Justice Letter gives you an opportunity to comment by responding with an explanation and submitting further documents. You have to respond to this letter in writing within 28 days after you are taken to have received this letter. 

It is extremely crucial to respond to the Natural Justice letter with a strategic and persuasive explanation supported by my evidentiary documentation.

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Natural Justice Letter will include:

  • Details about adverse information 
  • Timeframe for response 
  • How to provide documents

  • Visa grant notification
  • Visa refusal or cancellation notification

In case of visa refusal or cancellation, it is extremely critical to go through the refusal or cancellation notice to know whether or not it is reviewable. If you have a review right, then you have to lodge an appeal at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) within the stipulated timeframe.